Indoor Projection Video Mapping Solution

Standalone video-mapping luminaire for indoor use. Read more

Software Lumiverse Editor
Processor i5
Media Storage 200 GB SSD
Control Channels LAN, 4G - LTE, Wi-Fi
Multi-device Sync Yes
Default Projector* BenQ TH671ST

*Connectable to any digital projector via HDMI

  • lastz

    „In my opinion what you offer is the best solution / package to deploy projections in the city.“

    Joanie Lemercier

    French video-mapping artist

  • aleksi

    „Your support and advices on the phone were very good and we managed to complete griding and scanning properly. I also checked the support link and that site looks really helpful! You have also made the user interface very easy to use after just a few hours of practicing.“

    Aleksi Riihimäki

    WhiteNight lighting

  • chriss

    „There is so much to love about this system. It takes the boundaries of mapping to another level. It allows me to concentrate on the content rather than the technical aspects of artistic projection..“

    Chris Lavelle

    LDI studios