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How to make innovative Christmas decorations with projection mapping

Seasonal illumination is changing our cultural environment in winter time. From November to January, streets of our towns and facades of our buildings change with commercial Christmas lights. Outdoor …
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Illuminate events with projection mapping

With the right projection mapping software in your hands and the light projector at your service, you can become the digital artist of the future. Projection mapping (or video mapping) is a technology…
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The future of facade lighting technology

The future of architectural lighting is projection mapping. It combines abilities of traditional lighting with the ability of media screens. Outdoor projectors are so effective, that they can beat tra…
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3 ways how to create projection mapping content for LUMITRIX technology

LUMITRIX delivers the most advanced projection systems in the world. However, technology is something behind the scene. The audience doesn’t see it. What matters is the content. Only by content, you…
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Introducing LUMIBOX – the best indoor projection mapping system yet

After the successful announcement of our automatic outdoor projection mapping system, LUMITRIX T2, the time has come to release our second product. Its name is LUMIBOX and, apart from outdoor use, it …
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Why do we do what we do? Projection mapping is computer 3.0

We believe that one day there will be projections all around us and we will effectively use them in our everyday lives. You may ask why – the answer can be found in this article. LUMITRIX starte…
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