Best 20,000 ANSI projector?

Jiří Nováček - 09/24/2019 - 1 Comment

In our last article, we analysed a situation where two units of 6,000 ANSI lumens projector were more effective than one 20,000 ANSI unit. Let’s now have a look at the case, where you really need that power.

Let’s assume you have a building like this and you want to cover it with a glowing projection:


You have a screen with the ideal aspect ratio 16:10, and you go shopping. Your purchase:

You’re in for about 60,000 EUR, and you have truly awesome products. However, there are some problems that you will encounter while setting this up:

  • Your machinery weighs 130+ kilograms (50 for the projector + 80 for the enclosure), so you will need another person or rather a crew to help you with the setup on-site.
  • You will soon find out that there’s nothing like an ideal place where you can place this bulky setup. Especially, if you want to keep it on-site overnight or for a more extended period.

You will end up with this:

Let’s now have a look at how you can approach this with LUMITRIX technology.

Some people complain that we do not manufacture anything more potent than 6,000 ANSI. That’s true; we don’t. In our opinion, carrying around or fixing somewhere a 130 kg setup is not a pleasant thing to do. We’d rather compose the desired light output from our stand-alone LUMITRIX T2 outdoor projectors that anyone can carry around pretty easily (as each weighs 20 kg).

We talked about a so-called “array mode” (when you create a screen of a shape you need with a built-in soft edge-blending feature) in the article mentioned above. However, you can also combine more LUMITRIX products in another mode called “overlay”.

Overlay mode means stacking up more units to create multiples of light output that one projector can give you. That said, you can have a light output of 12,000 ANSI with two LUMITRIX T2 units, 18,000 ANSI with three units, 24,000 ANSI with four of them, and so on. With a simple process, you make all the units project pixel by pixel to the same place, and you get the multiples of their individual 6,000 lumens. Read more about array and overlay mode here:


multiple T2 units setup


Looking at your shopping list, you have just one item – LUMITRIX T2 in quantity needed. It’s weatherproof by default, has a built-in media server, SIM card slot for remote control over the internet and many other advantages. Maybe you will want to include some attachment system like wall/post fixtures (for permanent setups) or stand adapter to fix the unit on any standard tripod (like this one from Manfrotto for short-term events. Eventually, your installation will look like this:

So what do you choose? A bulky 130 kg weighing setup which:

Or will it be a LUMITRIX T2 outdoor projector solution that

  • Requires just one cable (electricity) to operate
  • Is weatherproof by default
  • Gives you more versatility (4x T2 in overlay give you 24,000 ANSI unit. However, you can use those four units blended in “array mode” and create a very wide or high screen with 4K resolution for a different project)
  • Is easy to fix anywhere thanks to the state-of-the-art fixtures.
  • Comes at a lower cost than if you composed the solution by yourself

Well, the choice is yours.


As a bonus, here’s a flashback video from the times when we were sitting in our garage prototyping the first LUMITRIX Typhoon units:

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