Introducing LUMIBOX – the best indoor projection mapping system yet

Jiří Nováček - 06/20/2019 - 1 Comment

After the successful announcement of our automatic outdoor projection mapping system, LUMITRIX T2, the time has come to release our second product. Its name is LUMIBOX and, apart from outdoor use, it has the same features as its bigger brother. It’s also a more versatile solution.


To answer that, you should know a bit about our outdoor projection mapping system, LUMITRIX T2. LUMITRIX T2 helps VJs with complicated outdoor setups. We picked the clumsiest things about video mapping production and made them work logically. In other words, we integrated all the necessary parts for video mapping production into one product.

So instead of this:

We decided to simplify it like this:

VJs and light designers from around the world loved the T2’s simplified approach but sometimes they couldn’t use it in their projects because:

  • They worked on the project for indoors and using our T2 outdoor rocket machine was a bit too much.
  • They needed different light outputs or different lenses with different throw ratio – simply a different projector inside a weatherproof case. However, it is not a piece of cake to customize a machine that is designed to survive hurricanes for each project.

These scenarios happened quite often and therefore, we decided to build a new product from scratch. The LUMIBOX.



LUMIBOX is a neatly designed box that hides inside a powerful mapping computer. It lets you play a lot of content (applications, video loops, gifs, etc.) simultaneously without any lag and its power is incomparable with any Raspberry Pi or ARM based machines.

By connecting LUMIBOX to any projector you instantly make it a mapping projector. Yes, ANY projector. Now it’s OK if you need a short-throw or ultra short-throw, 30k or 3,000 ANSI. Just connect the LUMIBOX and start your mapping session.

The LUMIBOX is constructed in a way that it can be used for fixed installations as well as events which makes it very versatile. With a compatible 360° fixture you can project anywhere and map anything.


LUMIBOX (as well as the T2) uses our proprietary Lumiverse software and has everything you need. You can either prepare a traditional mapping that will be scheduled to play automatically every hour or use it for producing an easy mapping for a one-time event such as a wedding. Lumiverse is an operating system for projectors that also lets you play HTML5 based apps. This gives you the power to use projections as real media and not just for decoration.

Lumiverse is also built with interactivity in mind. Seeing magic is cool but interacting with it is even cooler. If you enable the public mode for your scene, anyone with a smartphone can interact with the projection in the given scale. It’s nicely described in this example where LUMIBOX was used in retail. With this system, your options are vast.



Our indoor projection system is a great tool for all your indoor mapping projects. It’s also a good entrance ticket to get your hands-on LUMITRIX technology and to start with video mapping in general.

Of course, you can always start from scratch following this beginner’s guide:

However, if you don’t have enough time to learn from scratch and want to start producing amazing mapping projects instantly with the latest, most innovative technology, then purchasing the LUMITRIX projection mapping starter kit (LUMIBOX bundle) is the right option for you.

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simon matthews

4 years ago

I’m based in the uk and would be interested in trying out the Lumibox ~ have you anyone showcasing them here in London ?
Many thanks

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