Why do we do what we do? Projection mapping is computer 3.0

Jiří Nováček - 10/19/2017 - 0 Comments

We believe that one day there will be projections all around us and we will effectively use them in our everyday lives. You may ask why – the answer can be found in this article.

LUMITRIX started as a classical problem-solution start up. We introduced an automatic outdoor projector that simplifies the workflow of video mapping (projection mapping) production. It’s weatherproof, has a built-in spatial camera and media server and you can control it remotely thanks to the built-in SIM card slot.

OK – that became a hit and the market has proven that this makes sense not only for VJs but for various kinds of industries. However, as we started to work with projections more deeply, we suddenly started to see the potential this media has to offer. We felt a strong desire to interact with the projection via our gestures or by different devices we have on hand. We, in fact, wanted to use projections as computer 3.0 (assuming the smartphone in our pockets is computer 2.0) and create the augmented reality with them.

Imagine entering a living room and instead of a chandelier, you have a neatly designed 360° projector. You can either use it as a simple smart light (with different light intensity, colour and temperature) or instantly transform any object into an interactive display. You can then project an instructional video and ingredients for your favourite recipe on your kitchen desk; a Netflix movie can be projected on the ceiling while you’re lying on your sofa; a clock and the weather forecast can be projected next to your door; and projected on your fridge, you can find your next shopping list…

With your imagination and fantasy thinking, we guess you now have an idea of how projections can be useful in your everyday life. That’s why our new software, Lumiverse, can play any HTML5 app – these are very easy to develop so you can use the projections in any way you want.

We have created a new operating system for projections – soon there will be an online market for projection apps (just like we have Apple Store or Google Play for our phones today) and you will be able to download a suitable application for your needs and place it at any space where it’s relevant for you.

Last but not least, there’s another reason we do all that we do. We want to put people back into the centre of things. We feel that with projections we can connect people again by putting the parts of the virtual world into a normal physical world. The importance of virtual reality in our everyday lives is still vastly growing and the more we can put VR back into the real, physical world the better. Wearing helmets and hiding more and more into VR is a bit scary, isn’t it? Check this interview to see where it all might end up.

Projections might be the answer. What do you think?

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